How To Begin

How do I get involved?

  1. Contact John and Linda Driediger at: for a vision casting event.
  2. Complete a one-day workshop to be trained and equipped.
  3. Begin ministry aided by ongoing coaching from John and Linda.



Do you have to be a recovered addict to lead this ministry?

The most success has come from people who have gone through the program. In fact, we are not looking for people who want to ‘help’.  It is like one beggar sharing a loaf of bread with another beggar.

Is the program easily transferrable?

Yes, and deliberately so. Part of our strategy is to use transferrable curriculum. We believe in the mantra “Keep it simple stupid!” Most people in addiction are not going to be able to put together an entire program, but a lot of them can verbalize from their experience what’s happened and can utilize an effective standardized curriculum.

Is it expensive? Time-consuming?

There is very little monetary expense for the church and none for the addict. However, leadership of this kind of ministry requires an all-consuming passion for those recovering from addiction.

What are the long-term benefits?

ARM can reinvigorate a church as they see new people coming in. At Sevenoaks you will find 20 people at the front of the church, singing and clapping as if no one is watching. They are the future elders and Sunday school teachers.

There are plenty of AA groups around. Why do we need another one?

This is a Christ-centered, 12-step program and we name a higher power as Jesus Christ. He is the answer and that’s when things start making sense.

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